Free London Underground Maps

Download your free printable copy (A4 size) of this new Tube Map in different versions: Easy-To-Read, Legacy, Rush Hour, Respelled (available in July), Phonemic, and Typography. 
Free London Tube Map 2024 pdf downloadable

Easy-To-Read Tube Map

For Neurodivergent and Neurotypical People
free london tube map 2024 pdf

Legacy Tube Map

For Old School Londoners
Rush Hour Tube Map of London pdf

Rush Hour Tube Map

For Everyday Londoners
Alternative Tube Map 2024 pdf download

Respelled Tube Map

For Native Speakers of English
Pronunciation of London Tube Stations Map pdf

Phonemic Tube Map

For International Speakers of English
Pronunciation of London Tube Stations

Typography Tube Map

For International Speakers of English
The Easy-To-Read Map is designed to simplify navigation and learning of the complex London underground network. It might prove particularly useful to individuals who rely on visual memory to learn and retrieve information. The Respelled Map (coming soon) is for learning the pronunciation of London Tube Stations by native speakers; while the Phonemic Map is tailored for learners of English as additional language.

Arcangelo's Tube Map

Streamlined design and three exclusive versions
Printable (downloadable pdf file) Easy-To-Read, Legacy, Rush Hour, Respelled, Phonemic, Typography Tube Maps - Copyright © M. Arcangelo Martiello, 2022-2024. All rights reserved. Copyright protected with Reproduction in whole or in part, by any means, without the prior written permission is strictly prohibited. The only one exception is the printing of one single copy on both sides for personal use ONLY. One person is allowed to print only one single copy of the map on both sides. One person is allowed to print one copy of each version of the map (Easy-To-Read, Rush Hour, Respelled, Phonemic, and Typography), and each update of the map (current one available on the site, and every future update). Reproduction of two or more copies is strictly prohibited in all cases. Use involving any type of financial gain is strictly prohibited in all cases. For all other cases, please contact us using the contact form. Elements of design that are original and have not been previously published are under the copyright of the author. In the event that TfL copyright elements of design are present, they are reproduced under the exception that the use of this map is for non-commercial research or private study. The Easy-To-Read, Rush Hour, Respelled, Phonemic, and Typography versions of this map are an educational project and are not for sale. If you encounter this map available for purchase, please inform us through the contact form. The Subway London Font (used in the Legacy map) downloaded from The L-IFA phonemic alphabet (used in the Phonemic, and Typography maps) is also copyrighted by the author. The information displayed on the map is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of the date stated on the map. The author is not affiliated with TfL or any of its subsidiaries, and these downloadable pdf files are not official products of the London Underground.
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