I'm Arcangelo

I am a Mapmaker, Phonology enthusiast, and LD Psychiatry Registrar. I am a Londoner originally from Lucania (luh-kaa-nyuh; /LËKAAN'YË/), also known as Basilicata, a region in Southern Italy.

During my early years, I stumbled on the enchanting territory of geography, nestled among a vulture-shaped volcano, a river resembling a bull, and thriving settlements of medieval refugees. I found joy in visually exploring maps of Italian regions, endlessly admiring how their large and complex information was neatly and simply presented. It instilled in me a desire to learn and visit those places.

While my travels were confined to Rionero in Vulture and Venosa, I was intrigued by the differences in the Neapolitan language spoken in these neighbouring towns. My attempts to transcribe those colloquial words using Italian spelling led me to discover the omnipresent schwa: a sound shared with English but absent in Italian.

Upon arriving in London, I found myself amidst a placid river and a kaleidoscope of underground lines, right at the centre of the world with tentacles to every end of it. People spoke hundreds of tongues, each expressing the common language in a thousand ways. It is this vibrant tapestry of diversity that truly magnifies London's character. I aspire to encapsulate a fragment of this ineffable essence within my maps.
No right or wrong way, only various ways
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